Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Kit Arrived

When I received home on Monday, I found a very tired little owl waiting for me with a big white box. I wasted NO time ripping into that box. I think I may have scared the poor little owl, but he was duly rewarded.

I carefully but quickly took all the shiny silver parcels out of the box and managed to use some rarely practiced patience in order to take a photo before disrobing the parcels, starting with the smallest and working up to the largest. (I like to save the best for last.)

First off, I collect stitch markers so I was amused by the stitch markers made for me by Toni dela Weasley. They are Luna Lovegoods butterbeer cork stitch markers!! What a wonderful addition to my collection. I love them and will definitely be reminded of Toni every time I use them, and I will use them!

I also got great Brittany needles (a brand I do like to use), GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL handpainted sock yarn, coffee (my addiction!), English breakfast tea (my favorite tea), a container holding some VERY yummy candy called "Sponge Candy" (which I tried out immediately and, Toni, I agree with you ~ IT'S DELICIOUS! I also received a wonderful notebook FULL of sock patterns!!!!! It's even organized in a great HSKS binder. I have already been through the patterns and have decided I must do them all, starting with the first one!

By far the best piece of the kit was in the last parcel ~ an absolutely perfect felted satchel!! Toni, how did you know that satchels are my FAVORITE type of bag? This one is so perfect, so ME! The long strap is just the length I prefer. It's exactly what I would have picked out for myself! You definitely did your research.

Thank you SO MUCH, Toni!! You spoiled me beyond belief.


Penelope Pinkstone said...

Ooohh, that yarn! And the bag is wonderful! Lucky you! Great kit Toni!

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

The bag is fantastic. I think you should model it for us! The sock yarn is vry rich in color, i love it. the little corks are so cute on the stitch markers too. Explain the sponge candy, what's it like?

Lavender said...

What an awesome swap package! The bag looks GREAT but also seem very practical, a rare combination.

Emma Diggory said...

I really love that style of bag, very nice indeed. The yarn looks wonderful too! I am glad you were so well spoiled!

Antonia Marie dela Weasley said...

I'm so glad you liked everything. Some of the choices were easy due to your blogs (coffee and tea was a given the first time I went to your blog. I've had the satchel pattern from for ages and have wanted to make it for the longest time. It turned out even better than I had expected. I forced myself to wrap it and put it in the package, I wanted to keep it so badly! A satchel for myself is a definite on my must make list.